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The indoor swim centre, named “Swimming Sports Centre Zadar – indoor swim centre” and the multi-purpose hall near it were built simultaneously. The project was drafted by Nikola Bašić, dipl. ing. arh., and the contractor was Industrogradnja d.d. Zagreb.

The indoor swim centre is of a sporting nature. The competition pool is specifically licensed for hosting official swimming competitions, high diving competitions, and water polo matches. The swimming pool for warming up can be used to organise swimming schools, preschool swim programmes, aqua aerobics, aqua gymnastics, health and recreational swimming, and other similar programmes.

The indoor swim centre is a building with dimensions of 150 x 42.5 metres, inaugurated on May 14, 2009. The basement and ground floor area contain: a 33 x 25 metre swimming pool with 1, 3, and 5 metre diving boards (including bleachers with 1,000 seats total), a warm-up 25 x 12.5 metre swimming pool, and an elliptical-shaped kiddie pool. The total net usable area of all premises is within 7702 square metres. The ground floor is 5114.2 square metres and the basement 2098.8 square metres.



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Telephone: +385 23 494 866