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The outdoor section of SC Višnjik (with provided lighting) contains a set of sports facilities, namely, a large 100 x 60 metre football field with a grass surface (including bleachers for up to 1,000 spectators), a 400 metre tartan track with 6 lanes, as well as long jump, high jump, javelin throw, and shot put areas. The outdoor complex also has a 100 metre tartan track for warming up, a tartan fitness trail (1,284 metres long), fitness equipment for the street workout park, 4 pitches for futsal with artificial grass (one of which has bleachers for 200 spectators), and 4 locker rooms.

In addition, the outdoor complex also has an obstacle course for dogs and tartan courts for volleyball, basketball, and badminton. Every November until the end of January, the visitors of SC Višnjik can also enjoy the 600 square metre skating rink, which transforms into a 800 square metre rollerblade park from February until November. Lastly, the outdoor complex also features a handball court with an anti-stress surface, a children’s sports park, a militaresque obstacle course, and 3 parking areas with 340 spaces total.

Within the subcomplex of the outdoor facilities there is a modern, fully equipped gymnasium, a boxing gym, and a hall for judo.

Locker room for recreationists

The locker room area for recreationists, with accompanying sanitary facilities and fully furnished block for men and women, is located near the futsal fields with artificial grass, next to the basketball courts and the former military obstacle course. All visitors can use the toilets, showers, hair dryers, and lockers which can be used to store personal belongings during practice.

The usage of sanitary facilities and locker rooms is kept under constant supervision from 07:00 to 22:00 during (winter days) or 07:00 to 23:00 during (summer days) and the usage fee is 5 (five) (pet) Croatian Kuna (HRK)..

The gymnasium/gymnastics hall

The gymnasium in SC Višnjik has the dimensions of 30 x 18 metres, and a height of 9 metres. It does not have bleachers, and is equipped with all the equipment necessary to support quality gymnastics training and preparation. More than 90% of the equipment is Spieth brand, and the rest is from the manufacturers Elan and Gymnova. The following equipment can be found in the hall: A spring floor for gymnastics, a pommel horse, hanging rings, a vaulting table, parallel bars, uneven bars, a high bar, a balance beam, a trampoline with a pit for landing, and a gymnastic training mat.
In addition to high-quality and modern gymnastic equipment that enables the highest level of competitive training, our hall is also ideal for preparation because it is located in the vicinity of an athletic track with 6 lanes, a trim track for running with a length of approximately 1,300 metres, and a street workout park.

Rollerblade park/ice skating rink

In the close vicinity of the indoor swim centre, an area of 800 square meters was built and furnished to accommodate various sporting and recreational activities. This area is primarily used for roller-skating during most of the year, except during winter when the area is transformed into a 600 square metre ice skating rink. Among the activities that can be organised on that surface is “inline hockey” (inline roller skates), a game similar to hockey on roller skates.
The entire area also has proper lighting which allows the visitors to use its services during evening hours.

Children’s park

The children’s park is a 6,500 square metre area surrounded by a pine tree forest and bounded by the trim track. It is an area that was designed, equipped, and furnished to meet the requirements for various activities of kids age 2-10. The park has a wide variety of equipment (seesaws, jungle gyms, slides etc.) set up on anti-stress surfaces, which makes it safe for all users/visitors. The park allows the children to be comfortable and spend their time productively, especially in the context of their psychophysical development and socialisation. The children’s park is also illuminated, which makes it suitable for night-time visits, much like the rest of the facilities of SC Višnjik.

Price list for usage of outdoor sports facilities

Sports facilitiesPricing
Football field 1300,00 kn
Football field 2300,00 kn
Football fieldn 3250,00 kn
Football field 4250,00 kn
Football field with artificial grass800,00 kn
Volleyball court 1125,00 kn
Basketball court 2125,00 kn
Basketball court 3 125,00 kn
Basketball court 4 125,00 kn
Athletic track187,50 kn
Use of toilets and locker rooms for recreational purposes5,00 kn

The price list refers to the organised activities and content for sports and/or recreational organizations, clubs, associations, federations, and other subjects that would utilise the outdoor facilities for their plans and programmes. For individuals and smaller recreational groups the use of all sports and recreational facilities is free of charge. Prices and values are in Croatian Kuna (HRK) with VAT included.
The pricing refers to 1 hour of usage.


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